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Disrupting food handling with softness

Automation of food packaging has continuously evolved in the last few decades.
However, the handling of fragile and fresh food items still heavily depends on demanding manual processes.


Manual labour puts workers’ occupational health at stake and multiplies the risks of work injuries as well as rising product quality control, food waste, and hygiene issues.


The EU MOZART project investigates the latest robotic technologies and system solutions to push the boundaries of the food industry towards economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Facing the hard challenges with soft robots

The MOZART project develops novel reconfigurable surfaces embedded with soft sensors and controlled by AI-powered learning tools for the handling of fragile and delicate objects, the Autonomous Manipulation using Morphing Modular Mats (AUTOMATs).

MOZART also introduces a new interface for human-robot collaboration, moving across disciplinary boundaries to effectively integrate technology with economic, social, and environmental matters.


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